Fabrics for sheer curtains, curtains and upholstery

Sheer curtains and curtains have the aim of creating a welcoming and at the same time warm and comfortable atmosphere in a room. Also, these textiles have an important role when it comes to interior decoration.
Considering the purpose of these fabrics, the countless preferences regarding colour, fabric, style and models, Deco Center is offering a wide range of textiles – all of them under the Mendola Fabrics brand – for creating the ideal atmosphere in any home.

Fabrics for sheer curtains
You can choose from approximately 500 fabrics for sheer curtains, various models of voiles, printed or embroidery  voiles, organzas with embroidery or applications. One of the most popular materials are the linenlooks, be it embroidered or with various abstract or floral prints.
The Deco Center collection presents also fabrics that, besides being produced with the newest technologies, also represent the actual tendencies.

Fabrics for curtains and drapes
The curtain and drape fabrics offer includes approximately 400 textiles that allow the possibility of multiple matching in order to create a welcoming atmosphere.
Starting from classical items such as taffeta, satin or the combination of these, from the most modern ones with a velvety base, to the most rustic linenlook items, with a rich selection of colours, fabrics for drapes, they all meet the most diverse needs.

Fabrics for upholstery
Considering the demands of the fabric market, Deco Center has diversified its regular assortment of products by offering a selection of special upholstery fabrics as well.