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Through its reference brand Mendola Fabrics, Deco Center is a company built out of passion for design, performance and quality. Bringing the latest trends in textile home decoration, technology and services, Deco Center is a local and regional wholesaler of medium high fabrics with curtains as core business.

The company has developed in the local market with over 290 partners, having over 80 partners in 27 countries in Europe. The trust gained throughout the partnerships with DIY networks, hypermarkets, distributors, partner stores is based on continuity and professionalism of the services, besides a highly favorable quality/price ratio.

Recognised as one of the innovative brands in Romania and surrounding countries, after nearly three decades since its foundation, the Deco Center of today is a truly global operation with partners and distributors taking the Mendola brand around Europe.

Mendola Fabrics is the company's signature brand with a style defined by lively, contemporary prints, decorative, imaginative and colorful designs. Influenced by both international trends and our regional lifestyle, this brand aim to delight and inspire. The curtains and sheers presented by Mendola Fabrics are perfect to furnish your home with classic and contemporary textiles from a wide selection of quality textiles.

For customers who need fast and efficient solutions, with superior design quality, Deco Center developed two Ready-Made curtain brands. Through Mendola Interior and Imagine Living Textiles the company offers a variety of designs including anything from classical to modern.

Choose Deco Center as your long-term partner and discover the innovative products and exquisite fabrics that will boost your businesses! 

Through its company's signature brand Mendola Fabrics, Deco Center is bringing textiles to life as one of the most important European wholesaler of medium and medium-high fabric.

Sales: Headquarters facilitates automated stock holding and distribution of fabric rolls, cut-lengths, ready-made pieces and other related products. Sales team is working alongside marketing, production, logistic and acquisition in an integrated 3500 squared meters complex.

Logistic: With over 2,500 square meters, automated, organized and equipped with a high class automated textile quality checking machine, the logistic center is one of the most advanced facilities of its type in Europe.

Distribution Chain: The distribution center enables Deco Center to move product efficiently around Europe and support our customers to the highest standard.

Acquisition & Production: Acquisition & Production teams work together to create fabrics inspired by the latest trends. Their ability to work with international suppliers and view textiles within a global design context is an advantage for the company and customers.

Sample & Design: Design oriented, always aware of the latest trends and searching for new creative ideas, Deco Center team develops and customises fabrics from conception to

market entry.